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Faculty Spotlight: “The Diagnostician”

Andrew T. Sumner, director and Joe Taylor Chair in Health Administration

ScD, Johns Hopkins University; MSIE, Georgia Institute of Technology
BIE, Georgia Institute of Technology

andy-sumnerAsk Andrew Sumner about the U.S. healthcare sector and he’ll start with a statistic that may surprise the questioner. At 18 percent of the GDP it’s second only to defense in terms of size. And it’s a dynamically changing sector. Sumner should know. Throughout his career, he has provided technical assistance to hospitals and other healthcare organizations, and he shares that expertise with students at the Robinson College.

He gives students the keys to becoming successful health care executives by conducting classes using the Socratic method alongside interactive cases and exercises that impart not only concepts and theories but also knowledge of the real world of healthcare.

Sumner’s specific areas of expertise are medical care organization, operations management, strategic planning in healthcare, health information systems, quality, and managed care.

In addition to garnering major research contracts, Sumner has published widely in the top journals in his field, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Health Services Research, Medical Care, Health Care Management Review, and Hospitals and Health Networks. He has written on the corporate costs of poor birth outcomes in employer-sponsored health plans, treatment costs for end-stage renal disease, and the potential impact of diagnostic related groups medical management on hospital use and profitability.

He also directs the Institute of Health Administration at the Robinson College. In addition to roles in the classroom and administration, Sumner is Georgia State’s faculty athletic representative to the NCAA and CAA.

He previously was with the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital System, Georgia Tech, Medical College of Georgia, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where, among other initiatives, he coordinated the organization’s worldwide strategic information systems and related linkages with state, local and international health agencies.